Always highly fashionable and the first to know the height of fashion. He's a gifted dancer, at least whenever the athmosphere is right at night-time. Kim stands for love of life. He's bubbly, always on the move and just loves having a good time. Kim serves you Tuesday to Saturday nights.


He stays calm, when it gets edgy, and he gets edgy, when it stays calm. Incessantly he's pondering how to surprise and indulge his guests with new ideas. Furthermore he always keeps them in agood mood. Thomy waits on you on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays during the early shifts.


She is simply the old hand of Zurich's gay scene and her love for Champagne is legendary. Equally unmatched are her faboulous sandwiches, maybe she tells you the secret of the ingredients during a chat. Lotti works at Predigerhof mostly during the day.


is the web publisher of the site and keeps it updated, as long as he's not once again watching a horror movie or boozing around somewhere (e.g. in Predigerhof).


You can’t imagine the legendary (former) Bermuda Triangle in Niederdorf without Marcello by now – an additional institution with an unparalleled experience not only in the Dörfli, so to speak. In Predigerhof he is the «speedster» and always serves our guests swiftly with a cheeky remark on his lips. Furthermore he keeps the premises squeaky clean. And he would never say no to a classic boilermaker.


Who doesn't know her, the Fürschtin from the Ländle, who always has a perky one-liner on the lips? In his unmistakable way Jürgen ensures Tuesday to Saturday during the day that Marion lives on at least a bit in Predigerhof. And for all that don't know yet: Jürgen loves to drink a Black Label cola once in a while.


You just don't get around her. No surprise, her being Zurich's most glamorous and at the same time most grounded lady... or at least almost. With her extensive experience and her winning style she's every man's, every woman's and every trans's darling. In short: as much a gain for Predigerhof as for the guests and for the whole LGBT scene.